Company culture

social responsibility

Dongke adheres to the concept of "running enterprises with good thoughts", and while running the enterprise well, it never forgets to take social responsibilities and repay the society. Every year, the "Spring Bud Student Aid" activity is held to provide financial aid to college students in need, and it continues to build public welfare bookstores in various counties, hospitals and other institutions and public areas to provide various books for people in need, and to fight floods and disasters. In many social welfare activities such as mothers, supporters and condolences, Dongke has actively contributed love, and Dongke has been moving forward on the road of public welfare.


Helping Students Realize Their Dreams

—— Since 2015, —— has organized the "Dongjie Dream" student aid activity every year, and funded more than 10,000 poor students from Liaoning Petrochemical University and many other universities.


"Yue Reading Xiang Man Dongzhou" nationwide reading activity

—— Dongyue Cup "Yue Reading Xiang Man Dongzhou" China lecture hall, reading for the benefit of the people activity launch ceremony


Jucai Public Welfare Library 

—— Dongke funded the establishment of 158 "public libraries" in various counties and districts of Fushun to provide free of various books for people in need. Every year, the "Neusoft Cup" national reading activities, and nearly 100 reading parties, has become a cultural brand of Fushun city

Employee platform

Team building

Since its establishment, Dongke has always been adhering to the management concept of "integrity, responsibility, pragmatism, innovation, patriotism and gratitude", and advocating a good atmosphere of "positive thinking, positive words, positive action, professional, focused and dedicated". It not only attaches importance to the quality of work and life of employees, but also pays attention to the spiritual civilization life of employees. With humanistic care and team building as the carrier, the company regularly carries out various forms of cultural and sports activities, so that employees can feel the care and warmth of the enterprise, and the sense of belonging and happiness index of employees will continue to climb.


Group annual meeting

—— Theme: Work together, build dreams together


Always follow the party and set sail for a new journey

—— Dongzhou District celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the National Chorus Exhibition


2018 German Exhibition

—— Participated in the "European International Fine Chemicals Exhibition" in Frankfurt, Germany


Excellent staff travel

—— Dongke not only pays attention to the quality of work and life of employees, but also pays more attention to the spiritual and civilized life of employees

Learning to improve

In order to improve the overall quality of employees, the company selects and sends outstanding managers and technical backbones to well-known enterprises and colleges and universities in first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other domestic first-tier cities for short-term study and training in accordance with the "Future Star" talent training plan. Various business training and reading activities are regularly held internally to provide employees with a good development platform and to improve their comprehensive quality and business ability in all aspects. Through external training and internal training, the enterprise spirit of "health, happiness, learning, respect and love" advocated by Dongke has been truly realized.


17 years of study at Peking University

—— Fushun Dongke · Peking University Visiting Trip


Visit Haier Group

—— Happy East Branch Visit to Haier, a benchmarking enterprise


noon reading time

—— Regularly hold various business training and reading activities within the company


Business Intelligence Technology Innovation Forum (Fushun) 

—— Combine the wisdom of the world to promote innovation and development


Group photo at the Expo

——  The 2nd China International Import Expo Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference

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