The 2021 Petrochemical Industry Development Conference was held | The petrochemical industry will face a major restructuring

2021-05-07 14:25

At present, the world is affected by the new crown epidemic, which has brought unprecedented impact on the economy, society, geopolitics, ecological environment and technological innovation. And the global political multi-polarization pattern is facing a series of major transformations and major reconstructions.
In order to plan the work for the whole year of 2021, and make a good start for the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the petroleum and chemical industry, from April 28 to 29, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation held the 2021 Petrochemical Industry Development in Qinzhou, Guangxi. General Assembly.

Yu Wei, deputy director of the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, on the one hand, the domestic super-large market provides a broad space for the development of the petrochemical and chemical industry; on the other hand, the demand for major petrochemical and chemical products The growth rate of the "14th Five-Year Plan" will slow down, and some bulk chemical products will reach the "ceiling" of production capacity. Especially with the constraints of resources, energy, and the environment, the state's requirements for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and the people's expectations for safe production, all put forward higher requirements for the development of the industry. In order to help the high-quality development of the industry, the Raw Materials Industry Division will do five aspects of work this year. The first is to continue to promote the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical enterprises; the second is to promote the standardized construction of chemical parks. This year, it will guide the identification and evaluation of chemical parks in various regions and promote the compilation of the guideline for the development and construction of chemical parks, so as to provide a reference for the high-quality development of the park. The third is to promote the development of key new chemical materials; the fourth is to promote the digital transformation of the petrochemical and chemical industry, and to study and propose the idea of deep integration of the industry and the industrial Internet; the fifth is to carry out research on the path of carbon peaking.

Dai Fei, director of the Petrochemical Division of the Industrial Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the petrochemical industry is faced with both opportunities and challenges. The entire industry should focus on technological innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. First, we must concentrate our efforts to make up for shortcomings, promote the development of new chemical materials, and accelerate the industrialization and promotion of domestic blank products. Second, we must focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction to achieve green and low-carbon development. By improving the green development standards of the petrochemical industry, etc., we will lead the entire industry to improve the level of green and low-carbon development. The third is to focus on safe development and strictly prevent production and operation risks. Fourth, focus on structural adjustment, improve the level of industrial development, focus on optimizing the layout of the industrial chain and supply chain, enhance the level of coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the petrochemical industry, and make breakthroughs in a number of key technologies and launch a number of new high-end chemical materials and electronic chemicals in emerging fields. New products to enhance the self-protection ability of high-end chemical new materials.

Li Shousheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, analyzed the challenges faced by the industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and proposed strategic measures for the major transformation and reconstruction of the entire industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan". Li Shousheng pointed out that the impact of the new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented impacts on the economy, society, geopolitics, ecological environment and technological innovation. Transformation and big refactoring.
Li Shousheng said that at present, the distinctive feature of the new development stage is that the entire industry has entered a new era of major transformation and major reconstruction under the dual promotion of demand upgrades and technological changes. Therefore, the petrochemical industry needs to accelerate the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the entire industry through six strategic measures. The first is to achieve a number of leading breakthroughs in industrialization innovation in terms of "reinforcing weaknesses", "enhancing items" and "upgrading traditional industries". It is necessary to consolidate and improve the construction of innovation organizations, and further increase the organizational construction of industry innovation systems. Second, according to the different characteristics of different sub-sectors, implement policies by industry, optimize and adjust the level of the supply chain of the industry chain, and strive to improve the level of the industry chain supply chain of the whole industry by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan". to new heights. The third is to study and formulate an action plan for peaking carbon emissions in the petroleum and chemical industries before 2030, and actively promote the research, development and application of new technologies for CO2 utilization. Fourth, in building a new pattern of "dual circulation", we must better combine "going out" and "bringing in". The fifth is to do a good job in the cultivation and use of innovative talents, and pay more attention to the cultivation of three talent teams: industry technical innovation talents, entrepreneur leading talents and technical craftsmen talents than ever before. The sixth is to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the industry and forge the excellent style of the industry in the new era.

Sun Weishan, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, issued the "14th Five-Year" Development Guide for Petroleum and Chemical Industry. The "Guide" comprehensively summarizes the achievements and existing problems in the development of the industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan", analyzes the new environment faced by the development of the industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan", and on this basis forms a basic understanding of the development situation of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Judgment, put forward the overall thinking, development goals, main tasks and work priorities of the "14th Five-Year Plan" industry development, and at the same time clarify the long-term goals of the industry's development in 2035.
The "Guide" proposes that the general idea for the development of the petrochemical industry in the "14th Five-Year Plan" is to promote the high-quality development of the industry as the theme, focus on green, low-carbon and digital transformation, and accelerate the construction of a domestic and international dual cycle with the domestic cycle as the main body. The new development pattern of mutual promotion is the direction, with the goal of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises in the industry, through the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, the green sustainable development strategy, the digital and intelligent transformation development strategy, and the talent-strengthening strategy, accelerate the construction of modern petroleum and chemical industry The industrial system promotes my country's progress from a petrochemical powerhouse to a petrochemical powerhouse, allowing some industries to take the lead in entering the ranks of powerhouses. Strive to build a modern industrial system for my country's petroleum and chemical industries by 2035, and to further consolidate its position in the world's petrochemical powerhouse, so as to greatly improve production efficiency, economic benefits, and international competitiveness, as well as innovation capabilities and green and low-carbon development. enhanced.
The conference was presided over by Fu Xiangsheng, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation , Xu Yongzheng, Secretary of the Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Working Committee of the Qinzhou Port Area of the Free Trade Zone , delivered a speech. As a keynote report on the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry in Qinzhou , Li Guanghui, former vice president of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, doctoral supervisor of the University of International Business and Economics, and distinguished professor of Guangxi University, gave a speech entitled "The Development Trend of China-ASEAN Cooperation in the New Era and China New Opportunities for Development” report.
Nearly 700 leaders and representatives from petrochemical industry authorities, enterprises, associations, parks, research institutes, financial institutions, and media departments across the country attended the conference.
The meeting also released the petrochemical industry's "14th Five-Year" scientific and technological innovation, new chemical materials, modern coal chemical industry, chemical industry park development plans and the fine chemical industry's "14th Five-Year" development trend and focus; and held carbon peak and carbon neutral. The high-quality development forum of Henan, oil and gas, petrochemical and coal chemical industry, as well as the hydrogen energy industry development forum, and the inaugural meeting of the hydrogen energy special committee was held.
The delegates said that the meeting is highly in line with the national development strategy and the development needs of the local petrochemical industry, and has become a wind vane leading the high-quality development of the petroleum and chemical industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan".


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