Touched by the warm-hearted behavior of the bus driver, Fushun Dongke Group donated 50,000 masks

2021-10-28 16:42
Fushun Media Network News (Reporter Gai Xiaolei) Recently, Fushun Media Network reported that Zhao Yunsheng, the driver of No. 88 bus of the No. 3 team of Shuncheng Branch of Fushun City Public Transport Co., Ltd., brought his own masks and gave them to passengers who forgot to wear masks for free. Fushun Dongke Group was deeply moved by the driver's selfless dedication.
On October 28, Fushun Dongke Group donated 50,000 masks to Fushun Public Transportation Co., Ltd., hoping to contribute to the transmission of love in this city.


Shang Yi, general manager of Liaoning Dongke New Materials Co., Ltd., said: "For many years, Fushun Dongke Group has been committed to building an enterprise that creates value for the society. We are deeply moved by the heart-warming behavior of bus drivers providing masks to passengers. Fushun Dongke Group donated masks to Fushun Bus Company, hoping to bring convenience and warmth to more people through this small act."


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