Fushun City held a special lecture on the policy interpretation of the "three major articles" special action policy of structural adjustment and the key points of equity disposal operation

2022-03-02 15:04
On the afternoon of February 28, 2022, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Fushun City, together with the Administrative Committee of Fushun High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and co-organized by the Fushun Petrochemical Industry Association, jointly held the "Three Great Articles" Policy Interpretation of Structural Adjustment and A special lecture on the key points of equity disposal operations.

Meeting venue
This activity aims to promote the new round of structural adjustment "three major articles" special action in our city to a wider area and a deeper level, and to publicize, launch and plan early for key industrial enterprises (projects) in a targeted manner. To guide service enterprises and project construction, and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger through capital operation. From PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company, Fushun Mining Group and other central and provincial-level enterprises, the city's 31 key chemical enterprises senior management, project or planning department leaders attended the seminar.

Director Zou Zhongjia gives a lecture
The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology gave strong support to the city's publicity activities, and specially dispatched Zou Zhongjia, the director of the Petrochemical Division, to come to Fu to give a speech at the invitation. Director Zou Zhongjia gave a comprehensive introduction to the development trend of the petrochemical industry in our province, and made a careful and detailed presentation on the industrial direction, policy points, key project application standards and related requirements supported by the province's structural adjustment "three major articles" special action. And communicated with the company to answer.

Director Tian Xu's speech
Tian Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of Fushun Municipal Government and Director of Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to implement the "Three Great Articles" of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on structural adjustment, and fully promote the deep processing of petrochemicals in our city. A series of breakthrough measures such as the integration of central and local development with the in-depth development of the industrial chain as the core. It is hoped that enterprises will firmly grasp the national "14th Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China" and "14th Five-Year Plan for Revitalization and Development of Special Types of Areas" to support Fushun High-tech Zone to create a national-level high-tech zone, guide new chemical materials and high-end precision An important opportunity for the development of the chemical industry, strengthen project planning, and carry out multi-field cooperation with Fushun Petrochemical Company in technological transformation, mixed ownership reform, joint construction of public works, resource and technical personnel sharing, etc. chain" to achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, the chemical industry association should actively play a coordinating and promoting role, become a bridge linking the government and enterprises, serve enterprises to connect with the government in terms of talents, technology, raw materials, markets, etc., strengthen exchanges between enterprises, and jointly build Fushun chemical industry. A close alliance of technological innovation cooperation. Strengthen the cooperation, competition and anti-risk capabilities of chemical enterprises in our city to achieve high-quality development.

Professor Liu Hongshuang gave a lecture
Liu Hongshuang, a leading talent of the provincial certified public accountant and a visiting professor of the Provincial Economic Management Cadre College, gave lectures and guidance to the participating companies on the paths and successful cases of equity investment, capital financing and listing operations.

Director Peng Wei presided over the meeting
Peng Wei, director of the Management Committee of Fushun High-tech Industrial Development Zone, presided over the seminar. Fushun City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, members of the leadership team of the High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, leading departments of "Old Original New" brands, and heads of Fushun Petrochemical Industry Association participated in the publicity event.

Entrepreneur representatives participate in the discussion and speak


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