Dongke Chemical was awarded the Liaoning May 1st Labor Award

2020-05-01 15:57
On April 29, our province held the 2020 Liaoning May 1st Labor Award Commendation Conference, solemnly commending the advanced collectives and individuals of all walks of life and all fronts in the province, and vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, labor, craftsmen and the spirit of Liaoning in the new era. . Chen Qiufa, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Yang Zhonglin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, read the "Decision on Commending the 2020 Liaoning "May 1st" Labor Award and Worker Pioneer, and Fushun Dongke Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was awarded the Liaoning May 1st Labor Award.
Dongke Chemical was established in 2005 and is located in Fushun High-tech Industrial Park. It has more than 300 employees. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of new materials, new energy, and medical and health products. , "specialized and special new" enterprises. In 2019, it was rated as the first batch of gazelle enterprises in Liaoning Province and China's top 100 private enterprises in petroleum and chemical industry.
Since its establishment, Dongke has been striving to promote the harmonious development of the company and its employees while maintaining a strong development trend. The company has successively invested nearly 100,000 yuan to build two staff bookstores, with a total of more than 3,500 books, which are provided free of charge for employees. Regularly hold various and meaningful cultural, sports and recreational activities such as employee representative conferences, employee health examinations, team building, and reading clubs. The company optimizes welfare benefits year by year. On the basis of holiday benefits, it also provides employees with different daily benefits such as rice, purified water, healthy food and drinks. In addition to material rewards, it will also lead outstanding employees to travel to Thailand, Sanya, Xinjiang and other places, and select outstanding managers and technical backbones to study and train in well-known enterprises in domestic first-tier cities, Tsinghua University and Peking University, and effectively improve their own abilities. And the sense of belonging and happiness of the enterprise.
At the same time of enterprise development, Dongke people never forget to take social responsibility and actively participate in social welfare activities. Every year, it joins hands with the Municipal Women's Federation to carry out activities such as "Spring Bud Learning Aid" and "East Science Aid for Wisdom", and has helped 1,258 students with difficulties in their studies to realize their dreams; funded the establishment of 133 public welfare bookstores in the city; "Two cancers" poor mother. Every year, the "Dongke Cup" national reading activity is held, and nearly 100 reading clubs are held, which has become a cultural brand in Fushun City. The company has also jointly established with Lei Feng Brigade, becoming the only Lei Feng spiritual education base among private enterprises in Liaoning Province. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the company also donated self-produced alcohol disinfectant, medical-grade masks and other protective materials to medical units, schools, public service institutions, party and government agencies, streets, etc. in the city for free, worth more than 400,000 yuan.
Dongke people take right thinking, right speech, right action, professionalism, concentration and affection as the code of conduct, and take "create value for customers, provide a platform for employees, take responsibility for the society, and make human life better" as the mission, and strive to become a company A valuable, respected and sustainable international technology enterprise!


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