Dongke Group pays tribute to the rescuers in the fire scene|#小黄Savexiaolan# A good example of Fushun people!

2020-12-03 16:20
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□ How to learn the spirit of Lei Feng?
□ How to learn the spirit of Lei Feng?
□ What does the Lei Feng spirit mean to contemporary society?
Zhang Dejiang
act bravely
outstanding person
Fushun native, 38 years old, Dalian's "Xiao Huang" rescued "Xiao Lan", which was reported by CCTV and other media, and Zhang Dejiang, the rescue deliveryman, also became an internet celebrity.
At 9:00 am on November 15, Zhang Dejiang, who was delivering meals by bike, found that his counterpart was stopped by the wire hanging line of a tanker in front, and the car and the person instantly crashed into the curb in front of him.
He said: "I saw the motorcycle catch fire, and I clearly heard a loud bang. I stopped in front of me and waved, signaled to the car behind to pay attention to safety, and then got out of the car and ran to save people!"
"I want to drag the injured colleague. When I got to a safe place, I was afraid that the motorcycle might explode again. But the rider was too heavy, and it was very difficult for me to pull it. I also fell twice during that time.
01. #The Fushun people who saved people from the fire#
On November 30th, Dongke Group's caring volunteer team came to Fushun TV Station in Liaoning Province, and entered the "Common Concern" program to participate in the recording - the touching story of "Zhang Dejiang, an advanced individual who is righteous and brave". During the recording of the program, Zhang Dejiang's deeds made Fushun people Proud!

02. Fushun's new memory: Lei Feng's spirit
At the recording site, Zhang Dejiang said, "I didn't think much about saving people. In that kind of scene, we must save people. Although my pants were burned, it was a trivial matter. As a Fushun person, we can't shame Fushun!"

03. The spirit of Lei Feng and Dongke Group
At the scene, Dongke Trade Union Chairman Wang Yang said: "Fushun is the birthplace of Lei Feng's spirit, and Lei Feng's spirit has been deeply ingrained into the hearts of every Fushun person. As a Fushun person, Zhang Dejiang's life-saving deeds in Dalian reflect Fushun noble qualities of man".

Dongke Group will reimburse the payment
All the expenses incurred by Zhang Dejiang to recover this time
At the same time, Liaoning Dongke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will independently produce
Masks, sanitizers, gels, wipes, refreshment sprays
And other killing supplies are given to Zhang Dejiang free of charge

04. Dongke Group carries forward the spirit of Lei Feng
When you face the world with kindness, I believe that the world will respond to you with kindness. Finally, I would like to thank Zhang Dejiang for winning glory for the people of his hometown and adding luster to the people of Fushun.

Salute to the spirit of Lei Feng!
Salute to Zhang Dejiang! Salute to Fushun people!



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