Join hands to help Henan

2021-08-09 16:57
Since July 17, there has been a large-scale heavy rainfall in Henan Province, and many places have suffered severe floods. Since the disaster, it has touched the hearts of the people of the whole country. Fushun Dongke Group actively responded to the call and went all out to help the disaster-stricken areas in Henan.

On July 26, the company's first batch of disaster relief materials worth more than 100,000 yuan were shipped to the five worst-affected areas in Zhengzhou, Anyang, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and Luoyang, Henan.
On July 28, Fushun Dongke disaster relief materials arrived in Henan smoothly.
Anyang Feixiang School carries disaster relief materials
Relief materials arrive in Luoyang and other places
Relief materials arrive in Anyang and other places
Relief materials arrive in Xinxiang and other places
Compatriots from many places in Henan have sent letters of thanks
When one party is in difficulty, all parties will help. In the next step, Fushun Dongke Group will further build a happiness enterprise that creates value for the society, actively practice social responsibility, be enthusiastic about public welfare, and give back to the society with practical actions!


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