Ten years of wind and rain, building dreams together - Dongke Group's ten-year employee commendation meeting

2021-09-26 17:04
On September 26, 2021, Dongke Group held a grand award ceremony for 13 tenth-anniversary employees, and issued 10,000 yuan cash red envelopes to each tenth-anniversary employee to thank them for their outstanding contributions to the development of the group.
Dongke Group was established in 2005, and it has been more than ten years. For more than ten years, Dongke Group has rewarded outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise every year. And for all tenth anniversary employees, 10,000 yuan in cash will be distributed.
Over the years, every growth and every harvest of Dongke Group is inseparable from employees who are conscientious and stick to various positions in the group. They have witnessed the growth of Dongke Group and dedicated their youth to the future of Dongke Group. years. Today, Dongke Group commends and awards these old employees who have passed the tenth anniversary together with the company, and thank these old employees for their hard work in the past ten years. I hope that in the future, everyone will open a new chapter with the group and create New brilliance!
Over the years, Dongke Group has built a happy Dongke with the concept of integrity, responsibility, pragmatism and innovation, and the spirit of health, happiness, learning, respect and friendship, creating happiness for our employees and creating the warmth of home. Every employee here is like at home in Dongke. All the employees here form a big family of Dongke. They love the company as if they love their family. What they gain here is not only career success, but also a happy life.


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