National Day and National Day Celebration - Dongke Group and all employees present the 72nd birthday gift to the motherland

2021-10-01 17:07
72 years of trials and hardships, 72 years of prosperous years. The red flag is fluttering, the party flag is hunting, the motherland is thriving, the economy is booming, the people are living and working in peace and contentment, and their international status has improved unprecedentedly. The Chinese people are full of joy and hope toward the grand goal of modernization.
The glorious course of 72 years has revealed an eternal truth: the Communist Party of China is the mainstay of the times and the backbone of the Chinese nation.
The 72-year history of the founding of the People's Republic of China has been a long journey, with several vicissitudes and vicissitudes.
The song of the Yangtze River by a million heroes is long gone, but its prestige still exists.
In the past 72 years, Ye Guzhou has become popular all over the magnificent rivers and mountains. Some people sigh, time is fleeting, some people sigh, the spirit lasts forever.
Standing at the forefront of history, living up to expectations, using the splendor of life to grow in the future, inheriting civilization, pioneering and enterprising, the vast universe, the vast land.
On the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which is celebrated by the whole country, Dongke Group and all employees wish our country prosperity and strength, wish the motherland to create greater glories in the new journey, and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as soon as possible.
Motherland, happy 72nd birthda


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