Environmental protection + gold nine silver ten = rewriting the fate of soda ash

2021-11-15 17:40
The ancients said that "misfortunes depend on fortunes and misfortunes lie in them", and there are always two sides to everything. When there is a bad side, then the good side will gradually emerge. At present, the issue of environmental protection is hotly debated in the chemical industry. Nowadays, rounds of environmental protection are being implemented, and many products are affected by this. Soda ash, it can maintain this stage today, environmental protection is a direct driving force in favor.
1. Analysis of soda ash market in recent months:
For soda ash, it is extremely fortunate and happy that it can maintain this result now. You know, it has been at the bottom in the months before mid-August, and has been oscillating on the edge of the market price of 1607-1654 yuan / ton. As we all know, the market price of soda ash was also 1878 yuan in early April. A good trend of about / ton, but it has been in a state of sluggishness in the early months of August. In this regard, traders are struggling and have a bad attitude. Until the beginning of August, everything has been reversed......
2. Reversal of the trend of soda ash:
As the saying goes: "If you lose your horse, you can't know it's a blessing." Indeed, the state of soda ash in the early stage was sighing, but the advent of environmental protection changed its fate, and it reversed from the early stage of slump to a rise all the way. , This trend can be described as a surprise, and the mentality of manufacturers has changed from rain to sunny. So, how did soda ash change fate?
We are no longer unfamiliar with NO.1 rounds of environmental protection. With the intensification of its efforts, the operating rate of domestic soda ash has decreased, which directly makes the market supply tight. At this moment, it is the general trend for manufacturers to increase prices. And the increase in downstream float glass purchases is also a favorable factor for soda ash.
NO.2 is in the golden nine period. The arrival of the traditional peak season has directly played a driving role, and the imbalance of market supply and demand has directly pushed up the market trend.
NO.3 The convening of the Qingdao Xining Soda Ash Conference in the early stage also provided the driving force for the price increase of soda ash, and many companies raised prices one after another in response to the call.
3. Small note:
Everything needs to be viewed from a different perspective. Although environmental protection makes many products in a poor state, it also has a driving effect, and domestic soda ash is still in a state of lack of market supply. It is expected that In the later period, there will be a phenomenon of price and no goods, and the specific trend will also wait and see the market dynamics.


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